I love what I do and am hugely passionate about natural beauty, wellness and relaxation.  My passion is to support and inspire you in a genuine way, empowering you to be your best you! 

My holistic approach is of a gentle nurturing nature.  I help you to gently unwind, relax and soothe built up tension. Using effective natural techniques, including the sought after ‘natural lift facial technique,’ and only the finest natural and effective local beauty and wellness brands; the Wellington Apothecary, Holistic Hair, Martina Organics and Tailor Skincare.

My bespoke method is founded from the hands on, time-tested techniques of massage and facial therapies. Connecting you back to gentle nurturing touch, which we receive abundantly as a child, however as an adult most of us rarely receive.  The sensation and benefits of this is simply irreplaceable.

After a bespoke holistic facial with me, not only will you leave with plump, hydrated and rejuvenated skin, but you will leave most of all feeling truly cared for, relaxed and your energy restored."

Natural beauty and wellness is more than just a career choice for me, it is a way of life and an incredible passion of mine.

For the past thirteen years I have been very blessed to have specialised in holistic facials and beauty treatments, both here in New Zealand and overseas, including the UK and Australia.  Learning from and working for experts in the field of natural beauty and wellness; including the sought after Natural Lift Facial Massage technique, and the Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching method.

This passion and experience is immersed throughout your treatments with me, offering you a unique and effective inner and outer approach to your beauty and wellness needs.

I love helping my clients with a completely individual approach, as opposed to a ‘one-size fits all’, we’re all unique and I believe in nurturing this.

Don’t let your frustrations and stresses shape your face, health and beauty. My treatments are ideal for those in need of deep relaxation, and a rejuvenating retreat from a fast paced lifestyle that's been leaving its mark on your appearance, wellness and energy levels.